A Sleepy Flintlock Blunderbuss by P. Bond

A Sleepy Flintlock Steel Barrelled Blunderbuss by P. Bond, London.
ID: 2750

A Sleepy Flintlock Steel Barrelled Blunderbuss by P. Bond, London. With large round steel barrel belled at the muzzle and signed ‘P. Bond 45 Cornhill London’ along the top-flat, stamped with Tower roofs and Bonds own barrel smith mark, beautifully foliate engraved barrel tang, stepped bevelled lock decorated with a spray of foliage and the cock also decorated with foliage, full stocked in walnut cut with a band of deep chequering at the wrist, engraved brass mounts comprising foliate engraved butt guard and trigger guard decorated with a shield surrounded by foliage on the bow and stylised pineapple finial, with two ramrod pipes, original horn tipped ramrod with worm. 


When I bought this blunderbuss it had been hanging on a wall for years. It is completely untouched. There is a small area of discolouration to the butt on the left side but this could be polished out. 


Philip, John, Joseph, Son of Edward, apprenticed to Thomas Tringham 1774; free of Goldsmiths Co., 1871. Gunmaker and Sword Cutler, 45 Cornhill, 1794-1816; 59 Lombard Street., 1794-1803. Viewer to Hudson’s Bay Co., 1790-1815. Died 1816. 

Howard L. Blackmore (1986) Gunmakers Of London, 1350-1850. George Shumway Publisher. USA.


Bore: N/A

Barrel Length: 14.5 Inches (36.83 cm)

Overall Length: 30.5 Inches (77.47 cm)

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