A Brass Barrelled Flintlock Blunderbuss

A Flintlock Blundeburss
ID: 2888

With octagonal to round three-stage barrel, belled at the muzzle, stamped with London proofs and barrel smiths mark and engraved ‘LONDON’ along the top flat, plain steel barrel tang (tang sitting proud of stock) signed foliate engraved lock (I can not read the signature) full-stocked in walnut, old repair to the left hand side of the lock (see pictures) cut with chequering at the grip, with engraved brass mounts comprising foliate engraved butt-cap, trigger guard engraved with a flower on the bow with acorn finial, one turned ramrod pipe, horn-tipped ramrod. 


Bore: N/A

Barrel Length: 14 Inches (35.56 cm)


Overall Length: 30 Inches (76.20 cm)