A Crisp Blunderbuss by Ketland & Co.

A Crisp Flintlock Blunderbuss by Ketland & Co.
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A Crisp Flintlock Blunderbuss by Ketland & Co. With tapering three staged octagonal to round barrel, belled at the muzzle and engraved, ‘LONDON’ along the top-flat, stamped with London proofs and Ketalnds own barrel smith mark, foliate engraved steel tang and screw, stepped border engraved lock, signed, ‘Ketland & Co.’ Beneath the pan, full stocked in walnut cut with a raised apron around the tang, the stock engraved with the original owners initials, ‘D.O.’ with brass mounts comprising pierced scrolling side-plate, vacant oval escutcheon, engraved butt plate, trigger guard decorated with a flower head on the bow and acorn finial, and turned ramrod pipe with original horn tipped ramrod. 

Ketland [1740-1804]

William Ketland, Sr., established a gunsmithy at Birmingham in 1740, and after his death his eldest grandson, William Ketland, carried on the business until his death in 1804. During this period they operated under the name of Ketland & Co. It is not definitely known when they opened the London shop but it is believed to be about 1760, and were one of the first birmingham gunmakers to compete with London gunmakers of fine workmanship. The Ketlands arms mark later developed into the Birmingham Proof Mark. William Ketland II's brother-in-law, Thomas Izon continued to operate the company under the name Ketland & Co. until 1831, when they got into financial difficulties and the firm ceased operations. 

William Ketalns, Sr., had two other grandsons, Thomas and John Ketland, both gunsmiths who worked on a co-operative basis with William Ketland under the name Ketalnd & Co. However, Thomas and John emigrated foto the USA in 1780. A number of American Kentucky rifles had Ketalnd & Co locks. 

Ketland & Co flintlock pistols and fowling pieces are noted for their fine workmanship and design. 

A. Merwyn Carey (1954) English, Irish and Scottish Firearms Makers, Acro Publishing Company, New York. 


Bore: N/A

Barrel Length: 14.5 Inches (36.83 cm)

Overall Length: 30 Inches (76.20 cm)

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