An Incredibly Scarce Flintlock Spear Carbine

An Incredibly Scarce ‘Spear Carbine’ by Gulley of London.
ID: 2927

An Incredibly Scarce ‘Spear Carbine’ by Gulley of London. With round sighted barrel secured to the stock with two barrel bands, with side-mounted ramrod and fitted below with a unique socket bayonet with a broad leaf shaped head, the head securing under the trigger guard finial, plain tang, border engraved lock signed in script, full-stocked in walnut with brass mounts of standard specification, butt plate tang engraved with a crown and ‘No. 2’ plain trigger guard. An incredibly rare gun.


This Carbine features on page 74 of Barry C. Chisnall (2011) British Non Ordnance Military Carbines 1750-1900. Maine Business Solutions. UK

"PG-025 An exemple of a rare spear carbine by Joseph Gulley, Oxford Street, London, circa 1800. 28in smoothbore barrel of carbine bore and London Gunmaker proof marks. The 28.5 in spear pointed bayonet was designed to increase the reach of the foot soldier in order to hold off cavalry. Note the side fitting of the ram rod to enable the spear bayonet to be located”. 

A Carbine for the same batch was Sold at Rock Island Auction on 07/09/18 LOT 3120 


Jospeh Gunmaker, 252 Oxford St., 1799-1804; 254 Oxford St., 1805-33. 

Howard L. Blackmore (1986) Gunmakers of London 1350-1850. George Shumway Publishers, USA. 



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