A Pikemans Pot

A High Quality English Pikemans Helmet, Circa 1635.
ID: 2843

A high quality English Pikemans Helmt about 1635. Made in two pieces joined by rivets at the brim and in a comb. The helmet has a large bowl bordered at the comb and brim with double incised lines. A line of brass capped rivets runs around the bases the bowl. The brim is broad and curves down at either side to a sunken border with another row of brass capped lining rivets. The brim is stamped with a recessed ID makers mark on one side and with a crowned A mark of the London Armourers Company used from the 1620s to 1649. The cheek pieces are absent. A fine, rare and impressive helmet in excellent condition. 

External Marks:


Crowned A

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