A Percussion Blunderbuss

A Brass-Barrelled Blunderbuss by Wilson of London, Circa 1800.
ID: 4490

A Brass-Barrelled Blunderbuss by Wilson of London, Circa 1800. With three-stage octagonal to round barrel divided by raised mouldings and fitted with top-mounted spring bayonet, the bayonet released by a sliding safety catch on the barrel tang, signed stepped lock, converted from flintlock to percussion, with sliding safety catch, full-stocked in walnut and cut with a band of chequering at the grip, border engraved steel mounts throughout including butt plate, trigger guard and ramrod pipes, complete with brass tipped ramrod. 


Richard born 1703. Apprenticed to uncle, Thomas Green, 1718; free of Gunmakers Co., 1725. Proof piece and mark, 1730. Elected Assistant, 1734; Master, 1741. Gunmaker, at the Fowler, Minories, took over business of Agnes Green, 1730. Contractor to Ordnance, from 1746; East India Co., 1733-6; Hudson’s Bay Co., 1730-56; Royal African Co., 1739. With son, William, became Richard & William Wilson & Co., 1757-9; Richard Wilson & Co., 1759-66. Died 1766.

William Son of Richard born 1732. Apprenticed to father, 1747; free of Gunmakers Co., 1754. Proof pieces, 1756. Elected Assistant, 1756; Master, 1760, 1769, 1772, 1774. Took Livery, 1778. Became partner with father, 1756. After fathers death in 1766, used same mark, traded as William Wilson & Co., 154 Minories, 1767-93; then as William Wilson & Son, 1794 until his death in 1808. Contractor to Ordnance, East India Co., Hudson Bay Co. and America. Succeeded by William.  

Howard L. Blackmore (1986) Gunmakers Of London, 1350-1850. George Shumway Publisher. USA.


Bore: N/A

Barrel Length: 14 Inches (36 cm)

Overall Length: 29.5 Inches (74 cm)

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