A Flintlock Tap-Action Pistol by Nicholson

ID: 3015

A Crisp Flintlock Tap-Action Pistol by Nicholson. With blued turn-off barrels, decorated with a band of engraving at the muzzle and stamped ‘2’ and ‘3’ on the barrels and breech, border engraved box-lock action signed ‘NICHOLSON’ on a rectangle surrounded by stands of arms and ‘Cornhill London’ within an oval to the right, sliding thumb-piece safety catch that also locks the pan, slab sided walnut butt. In nice clean condition overall. 

Nicholson, E. D. [1760-1808]

Shop in Cornhill, London. Made flintlock, box lock pocket pistols and officers flintlock holster pistols. Cased pairs of flintlock duelling pistols with loading accessories. Also made flintlock carbines and muskets with Royal Cypher. 

A. Merwyn Carey (1954) English, Irish and Scottish Firearms Makers, Acro Publishing Company, New York. 



William Free of Gunmakers Co. by redemption, 1780. Took Livery, 1788. Elected Assistant, 1790; Master 1793. Gunmaker, 17 Houndsditch, 1779-86; 45 Cornhill, 1786-94. Contractor to East India Co., 1779-94. Trade label advertised new-inventred HOUSE GUNS, that, when fired in the Centre of the Room, will turn to the door and or windows, and fire, if attempted to be forced open in the night or any other time by Robbers. 

Howard L. Blackmore (1986) Gunmakers Of London, 1350-1850. George Shumway Publisher. USA. 



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