A Flintlock Fusil by W. Parker

A Clean Flintlock Fusil by W. Parker, London.

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A Clean Flintlock Fusil by W. Parker, London. With round barrel stamped with London proofs and engraved ‘MAKER TO HIS MAJESTY LONDON’ plain tang, signed double-line engraved lock and cock, full stocked in walnut, regulation brass mounts, sling loops and original steel ramrod. 

Parker, William [1790-1840]

Shop in Holborn, London. He was the founder of a famous firm of gunmakers. Had the Royal Warrant. Made boxlock flintlock pocket pistols, flintlock holster pistols and brass barel blunderbusses. Under Royal Government contract made flintlock musketoons. In 1829 when Sir Robert Peel organized the London Police, William Parker made flintlock and later percussion pistols for the Police organization. These were marked on the lock plate, 'W. Parker Holborn' and on the barrel the Police Division to which they were issued. The name was changed to Parker, Field & Co 1840-1850 and located at 233 Holborn, London and again changed to Parker Field & Sons at the above address 1850 to 1886. They made flintlock trade guns for the Hudson's Bay Company. Also percussion boxlock pistols, cased naval officers pistols and double barrelled shotguns. Later made percussion pepperboxes and single action .45 calibre percussion revolvers, Adams Patent.  

A. Merwyn Carey (1954) English, Irish and Scottish Firearms Makers, Acro Publishing Company, New York. 

Parker, William

Gunmaker, worked at 233 High Holborn, 1793-1841; 10 Chamber Street 1839 - 41. Gunmaker to the Duke of Kent, Prince Edward and William IV. He held contracts to ordnance, East India Company and The Hudson's Bay Company. Supplied arms to the London Police from 1803 and Metropolitan Police from 1829. Died aged 68 in 1841. Succeeded by Park Field and Sons. 

Howard L. Blackmore (1986) Gunmakers Of London 1350-1850. George Shumway Publishers, USA.



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