A Flintlock Blunderbuss by H. Nock

A Flintlock Blunderbuss by H. Nock of London.
ID: 2961

A Flintlock Blunderbuss by H. Nock of London. With three-stage octagonal to round barrel, belled at the muzzle and decorated with punched designed around the breech end, fitted with side-mounted ramrod with worm and underslung bayonet activated by a trigger in front of the trigger guard, foliate engraved steel tang, signed, stepped, bevelled lock, fitted with sliding safety catchhalf-stocked in walnut, cut with a band of chequering a the grip, engraved brass mounts comprising butt plate engraved with stands of arms and foliage and foliate engraved trigger guard. 

Nock, Henry [1760-1810] 

Famous English gunsmith with shops in London and Birmingham. One of the first gunsmiths to use the sliding safety bar behind the hammer, locking the piece at half cock. In addition to the usual arms of flintlock pocket, and coach pistols, single and double barrel fowling pieces, and brass barrelled blunderbusses, he made many types of special types arms. For example, a seven barrel flintlock "volley gun" with one hammer that fired all barrels at the same time. These were used for boarding in naval actions. Four-barrel and seven-barrel revolving flintlock pistols and carbines of pepperbox type with one hammer and rotated by hand. Also heavy brass barrel swivel boat blunderbusses used by the Navy. Under Royal Government contract made flintlock carbines and muskets.

A. Merwyn Carey (1954) English, Irish and Scottish Firearms Makers, Acro Publishing Company, New York. 


Bore: N/A

Barrel Length: 14.5 Inches (36.83 cm)

Overall Length: 30.5 Inches (77.47 cm)

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