A Cased Pair of Percussion Pistols by Joseph Manton

A Cased Pair of Percussion Duelling Pistols, No 5055, by Joseph Manton.

ID: 3219

Cased pair of percussion [converted from flintlock] duelling pistols both numbered 5055. Made by Joseph Manton of Davies St, London 1810. 

Scratch rifled. Clean bores.  Heavy octagonal browned twisted barrels.  Rectangular platinum cartouche inset into the breach end of the top flat marked in high relief "JOSEPH MANTON PATENT" & a crown. Platinum touch hole & line at breach.  No proof marks.

Blade foresight.  Half circle notch rear sight.

The barrel hooks into a tang at the breach end & is also secured by a blued steel wedge which slots through an oval silver escutcheon on either side of the stock.  One ramrod pipe which is browned is fixed to the lower barrel rib.  Underside of both breach & barrel stamped "5055". 

Steel furniture: 2 ramrod pipes [1 blued & 1 browned], tang, trigger guard, lock, hammer & butt cap.  Much bluing remaining on stock end ramrod pipe, spur of sliding safety, trigger & guard & butt cap, some on the rest of the furniture.  

Engraved decoration to: stock end ramrod pipe- lines & floral at point; tang- sunburst, ear of wheat edging at the barrel end & floral decoration over the flat of the tang; trigger guard- martial trophy with "5055" in centre & tip of leaf edging; trigger strap with pineapple finial; lockplate with in script "Joseph Manton" "LONDON", leaf edging, sunburst behind fence & 2 floral decorations.  Secured by only 1 screw.  V finely converted to percussion by the maker.  Inside lock is stamped "T.B".  The remaining original lock & the conversion are of the standard one would expect from Joseph Manton; flat hammer with floral decoration [& detachable striker screwed into the head & held in by a screw]; butt cap with rosette, single floral decoration in a circle & tip of leaf edging.

Half stocked with horn terminal at muzzle end.  V fine checkering to butt.  Most of varnish on walnut stock remaining.  Silver vacant oval escutcheon behind tang.  Inside of stock under where the bottom flat of the barrel would rest is written in ink "5055" on both stocks & ".A." is cut in 1 stock.

Plain wood horn tipped ramrod. Dished on the horn tip.  Showing a little sign of use at the side of the horn tip by wear to the side of the horn.  24.9 cm long.

Excellent quality & in excellent condition.  One pistol shows signs of being used more than the other.

In their original green baize lined & fitted mahogany case with round brass vacant escutcheon surrounded by ring handle to lid. Correct 1810-12 trade label stuck inside lid.  In v g condition.  A little scuffing to the label.  Brass hinges, with 8 steel screws.  Brass lock with 2 steel screws.  Steel staple with 3 steel screws.  Ivory or bone keyhole escutcheon in the shape of an inverted tear drop.  Inside of case in very good condition.  Outside of case in good condition with exterior dints & scratches.


Steel bullet mould stamped 48.  15.5 cm long.  Ball dia 0.461 inch. Pitted & polished.  A patched ball from this mould (using one of the patches in the case) fits the barrel bore well.

Quality nipple key with screw in pricker.

3-way powder flask covered with red leather with at its base a push in cap covering 10 waxed patches.  4 old lead balls contained in the flask.

2 plain circular tins [one deeper than the other] containing priming caps, one retaining some green paper covering on the side of the base half.  6 caps in one, 73 in the other.

Ramrod with worm in a screw on cap.  Ebony shaft & knob, brass cap, steel worm.  The original would have been replaced with this shorter rod when converted to percussion.

Single semi-circular piece of steel used to cover the nipple.

6 cotton cleaning patches [1 of them used], some tow, 2 dirty rags & part of a stocking with a seam & darned.

Overall the set & accessories are in original condition ranging from v g to excellent condition; all probably original apart from possibly the bullet mould. The conversion from flint lock to percussion was made by the maker during the pistols' working life, say after 1820; the original lock being retained & altered.


Bore: 40 Bore

Barrel Length: 25.7 cm

Overall Length: 37.7 cm

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