New Items: As of 28/07/2016

  • A Three-Bar Lobster Pott
    A Three-Bar Lobster Pott
  • .451 J. Kerr Rifle
    .451 J. Kerr Rifle
  • A Military Match Rifle
    A Military Match Rifle
  • .451 Alex Henry Rifle
    .451 Alex Henry Rifle
  • .451 Alex Henry Rifle
    .451 Alex Henry Rifle

Garth Vincent in brief

Welcome to Garth Vincent Antique Arms & Armour. Suppliers of fine antique flintlock pistols, long guns, percussion pistols, military swords, Japanese swords and a wide range of antique arms & armour.

We have an incredible amount of stock, with items dating from the English Civil War right up to World War II. Besides antique firearms Garth Vincent also offer antique arms & armour, antique swords, guns, helmet and cannon.

Each of our vintage firearms are sold as antique collectors items and are not intended for use under section 58 ii of the British Firearms Amendment Act.

If you are searching for that elusive flintlock pistol, this is the site for you.